Monday, August 29, 2011

Layoffs And Reduced Hours In Paintsville

{Kentucky}...On September 1st, Paintsville city employees will face layoffs and reduced hours due to budget problems. Starting Thursday, Paintsville City Codes Enforcer Bob Stewart will only work three days per week. Paintsville City Council finally adopted a budget for the fiscal year, but Mayor Bob Porter says, with no new revenue, expenses must be cut. Two street employees are laid off and hours are reduced to part-time for employees at City Hall and the Recreation Center. The Recreaction Center will be closed on Mondays.
The ambulance service is the only thing being spared after ambulance officials say they can make changes and make money. Mayor Porter says they will re-evaluate the ambulance service in a six months and see if they need to make any changes. The mayor says the pharmacy school opening next year is expected to bring in more revenue. If so, they will reduce the cutbacks.