Friday, August 5, 2011

Pike County Shooting Sent To Grand Jury

  • {Kentucky}...Billy Marcum Jr. a man accused of shooting a man believed to be named Eddie Smith on Sunday near Belfry, in Pike County, appeared in court Thursday on assault charges. During the preliminary hearing, KSP Detective Kevin Newsome testified Marcum told police he did not know the man he shot, referring to him as "creepy." But, Marcum claims he was the one who was attacked. Marcum told police the man parked his car across from his house, and he fired a warning shot and told the man to not park on his property. Newsome said Marcum stated the subject got outside the car and began hollering, cursing, spitting on him,  pushing him and  then hit his face and ear with a forearm. At that point, Marcum's glasses were knocked off, and Marcum pulled his gun and shot the unarmed man in the abdomen. The victim believed to be named Eddie Smith is in Cabell-Huntington Hospital and is expected to survive. The case was sent to the grand jury.