Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Testimony Continues In Judge Alred Case

{Kentucky}...During day two of testimony in Harlan Circuit Judge Russell Alred's misconduct hearing, the Judicial Conduct Commission rested its case. Sheriff Marvin Lipfird testified that Judge Alred asked to see the video evidence of Judge-Executive Joe Grieshop allegedly trafficking drugs out of his office. Lipfird said, when the case went to the regular grand jury and Judge Alred found out, he blew up and said I'll have the FBI here on every one of you. Judge Alred moved for all charges to be dismissed right before lunch. The commission considered the motion during the break but denied it. Judge Alred called a number of witnesses that testified Sheriff Lipfird was vocal with others about the investigation into Judge Grieshop. Attorneys for the commission pointed out that Sheriff Lipfird never showed them the video evidence. Investigator Gene Weaver took the stand, and Judge Alred questioned his practices regarding a conversation Weaver had with Judge-Executive Grieshop. Weaver said that particular conversation was bizarre and was about beliefs of people being atheists and people's sexual desires and preferences. Judge-Executive Joe Grieshop, who now disputes some claims made to the investigator, was the last to testify. Judge Alred will take the stand Wednesday morning.