Thursday, October 27, 2011

Jenkins Independent Hazing Charges Dismissed

  • {Jenkins, Kentucky}...Charges against the Jenkins Independent School District, their superintendent and football coach Larry Maggard have been dismissed. They were all charged with failing to report an alleged hazing incident last fall. Judge Prator ruled that Jenkins Independent School District is an entity and not a person, and, according to the law, you have to be a person to commit the alleged crimes and the recent Kentucky Supreme Court decision involving this statute limits the reporting requirement to abuse from a parent, guardian or other person exercising custodial control and does not apply to a child abusing another child. Jenkins Independent School District's attorney Jonathan Hall says the Court's analysis was correct and dismissal of this matter was proper and consistent with well established Kentucky law. Howard Keith Hall, Pike County Attorney and prosecutor in the case, says he does not agree with the ruling, and he is hoping the Supreme Court will take another look at this law due to the fact that the facts of this case are totally different. Hall says he will decide in the next few days if he will appeal the decision to the Letcher County Circuit Court.