Sunday, November 27, 2011

Former Pike County Deputy Judge-Executive Charged

{Pikeville, Kentucky}...Former Pike County deputy judge-executive Randal Good is now charged with animal cruelty after more than 100 dogs found living in alleged filthy conditions were seized from Good's property in Grapevine. Pike County Attorney Howard Keith Hall says, "Cruelty to animals won't be tolerated. The statutes may not be as strong as some people would like them to be. It's still going to be pretty serious, and we're going to enforce the law at least to eradicate the problem in this case." Good was sentenced to 180 days probation after more than 100 dogs in filthy conditions were seized in 2004. Kristin Handshoe, Animal Shelter Acting Director, says shelter workers are nursing the dogs back to health, but the shelter needs volunteers to help bathe and feed all of the dogs. They also need donations of food, treats, blankets, and paper to help care for the dogs. If you want to volunteer, make donations, or adopt a dog, you can call the shelter at 606-432-6293.