Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Louisville Man Sentenced

  • {Pikeville, Kentucky}...Charles Hocker of Louisville has been sentenced to ten years in prison after police say he tried to run over two Pikeville Police officers on August 13, 2010 after they responded to an emergency protection order violation when Hocker was forcibly trying to enter a residence on the North Mayo Trail. The two units were advised by their dispatch that the suspect was intoxicated and suicidal. While en route to the scene, they passed the suspects vehicle coming towards them with no lights on. Officers turned and pursued the vehicle onto Hurricane Creek Road where the suspect turned onto a gravel drive and stopped and reversed his vehicle in a obvious attempt to strike the officers with his vehicle. At that point the two officers responded to the threat by firing at the perpetrator striking him multiple times. The officers removed the suspect from the vehicle and administered aid until EMS arrived. The suspect was transported to PMC and then air lifted to Saint Marys Hospital for his injuries.