Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Holiday Shopping Safety

(Pikeville, Ky) - Most people are full of the holiday spirit and good cheer this time of year, but this is also the time of year when criminals are looking to take advantage. Police officials say you should shop during daylight hours when you can, and shop with a friend. You are more likely to be targeted if you are alone. However, Officer Tony Conn with the Pikeville Police Department says you should also pay attention to what you leave in your vehicle. "Most of the robberies we see are 'smash & grabs'. People leave their packages in the seats without thinking. Theives will case the place out and walk along through the parking lots and bust the windows out of the cars," explained Conn. "You need to lock your packages and your purse in the trunk or in the rear section of an SUV where it is not as easily seen."
Other suggestions are for women to wear their purse straps across their bodies instead of their arm. And, men, carry your money and wallet in your front pocket. This week, you may be busy making last minute Christmas purchases, but don't get in such a hurry that you get careless and make yourself a target for a thief.