Friday, December 30, 2011

Statement from UPIKE President Paul Patton on CPE resignation

 "I have today submitted my resignation from the Kentucky Council on
Postsecondary Education to Governor Steve Beshear.  My advocacy for the
inclusion of the University of Pikeville in the state system of universities is
inconsistent with continued service on the Council.

The fundamental question of whether there should be a state supported university
in, and devoted to, serving the citizens of the Eastern and Southern Kentucky
coal producing counties is a public policy issue to be determined by the General
Assembly with advice from the Governor.  The Council does not opine on issues of
public policy; however, the details of this issue will most certainly involve
the Council.

Since Governor Beshear intends to use the CPE in the review of the study he is
conducting from the Governor’s office with the assistance of an independent
consultant, it is obvious that a conflict of interest will exist at that time.

I am confident the Council, under the leadership of President Bob King, will
provide the Governor and the General Assembly with helpful and unbiased advice
when asked.

I am honored to have been appointed to the Council and believe that these past
three plus years have been times of progress for postsecondary education in