Thursday, January 26, 2012

MSHA Cites Floyd County Mine

{Washington, D.C.}...The Mine Safety and Health Administration announced Wednesday it issued 32 citations and 12 orders against Coal Creek Mining LLC's No. 2 Mine in Floyd County in December after inspectors found a 5- by 10-foot coal pile on fire about 23 feet from two cases of explosives outside the mine. MSHA issued an imminent danger order. Inspectors say they also found a 5-gallon oil bucket full of burning coal and other materials near a portal in the mine and loose coal up to 30 inches deep under conveyor belts and near ignition sources. The mine was inadequately dusted with pulverized limestone to prevent explosions, and the operator also failed to use the approved ventilation plans. MSHA officials say explosive coal dust was 2 to 4 inches deep in places. After the December inspection, MSHA issued two more orders against Coal Creek for failing to fully correct the problems. MSHA also issued 53 citations and five orders in December against Clark Mining Inc.'s No. 3 mine and 25 citations and two orders against Bell County Coal Corp's Jellico No. 1, both in Kentucky.