Sunday, March 25, 2012

Budget Problems Blamed On Judge-Executive’s Office

{Prestonsburg, Kentucky}...Some officials are blaming unchecked spending from Judge-Executive R.D. “Doc” Marshall's office for Floyd County’s financial woes. District 2 Magistrate Hattie Owens says, during the course of a fiscal year, magistrates adjust the budget according to increases in spending, but unilateral spending by the judge-executive’s office has made it hard to keep track. Owens says H&C Construction received a payment of $50,000 after it had threatened to sue the county if they did not receive a payment for work they had performed. They are still owed an additional $43,000. Owens says the owner contacted each of the magistrates and provided them each with a copy of the bill and said, if the county didn’t pay it within 30 days, he would file a lawsuit. Owens says workers in the judge’s office have been instructed not to give the magistrates any information, but to direct them to the judge if any of the magistrates inquire about bills. Marshall says the troubles the county is currently facing will force the court to either cut back or find a way to increase revenue. Owens says the county is going to have to start living within its means.