Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Frasure Creek Mine Could Face Lawsuit

{Hazard, Kentucky}...Two months after the shut down and elimination of several positions at a Frasure Creek mine in Perry County, the former employees claim they have not received severance and are now considering a lawsuit. In a meeting held at Hazard City Hall on Thursday, May 24, employees discussed a possible lawsuit to work toward getting their severance pay. The meeting was hosted by McKinley Morgan, an attorney with Morgan, Madden, Brashear, Collins, and Yeast in Hazard. Morgan will be working with Roy Collins, a lawyer with his firm, and Cheryl Lewis, of a firm in Hyden, on any legal action that may be taken. The company claims the circumstances were sudden and unforeseen, meaning they did not have to give the employees 60 days notice or severance.