Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Hatfield and McCoy Fued Could Bring Peace

{Pikeville, Kentucky}...Last year, the City of Pikeville split from the county tourism organization, and formed its own tourism agency. Recent increased interest in the Hatfield and McCoy sites has created a boost in tourism in the area and could result in the two agencies working together to capitalize on the sites. Donovan Blackburn, Chairman of the City Tourism Commission, says the Pike County Tourism and Convention Bureau and the Pikeville City tourism are in a discussion about working together. Blackburn says the city hasn’t yet made a partnership but he hopes to meet with Judi Patton, Chairperson of Pike County, to see how they can work together to share resources. Reed Potter, a Pike County Tourism board member, says the city placed a new gazebo at the Dils Cemetery, where Randolph McCoy is bured, installed caution lights at the Dils Cemetery and painted crosswalk lines on the road there. Potter says the city has placed a new marker to identify the newly discovered graves of Basil Hatfield and his wife Martha. According to Potter, markers have also been placed on Hambley Boulevard to show directions to Perry Cline’s grave.