Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Perry County Coal Companies Face Lawsuit

{London, Kentucky}...Attorneys Cheryl U. Lewis of Hyden and McKinnley Morgan of London filed a federal lawsuit Friday on behalf of 139 former employees at Frasure Creek Mining LLC and Trinity Coal Corporation in Perry County. The lawsuit says that, on March 19th, Trinity Coal said in a separate federal lawsuit that because a large customer had stopped taking coal, it had idled operations, laid off 260 people in Perry County and expected more layoffs. The lawsuit claims that, after seeing media reports on that claim, Trinity and Frasure Creek employees asked company managers if they needed to look for other work, and the managers told them their jobs were safe. On March 28th, the employees got a letter with their paychecks from Doug Blackburn, president of Trinity Creek, that did not indicate they were about to be laid off. The two companies laid off 29 employees on April 2nd and more than 100 additional workers less than two weeks later. Under federal law, the workers were entitled to 60 days' notice. The complaint seeks 60 days' pay and benefits for the former company employees, as well as punitive damages and attorney fees.