Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Salyersville Considering UMG Contract

{Salyersville, Kentucky}...Utility Management Group has been running Salyersville Water District for several months trying to fix budget problems and prevent a state takeover. UMG's contract ends August 7th, and some say they are wasting more money and do not need outsiders to run the plant. The board accepted two bids for new management, one from UMG and one from a local group, but Tuesday, the water board made a motion to extend UMG's contract temporarily, but some people say UMG should not be there at all and that they have not accomplished anything in the time they have been there. The board plans to call a working session next week to extend UMG's contract, but one Salyersville resident says quit giving them $4,500 a month and let that go towards bills the water district owes.