Thursday, September 27, 2012

Perry County Superintendent Resigns

{Hazard, Kentucky}...In a letter to Perry County School Board Chairman John C. Combs Thursday morning, Perry County Schools Superintendent John Paul Amis announced his retirement, effective November 1st. Had he not opted to retire or resign, the board could have moved to terminate his contract, which was not set to expire until 2016. Last year, Amis was named the state’s top superintendent by the Kentucky School Board Association, but he had come under some scrutiny from the board following an investigating into cheating at Perry Central in 2010 that just concluded earlier this year, and the school’s listing in December 2011 as a Persistently Low-Achieving school based upon the past few years of academic achievement. A memo dated June 18th from the Office of Education Accountability found that Amis had previously acted in violation of three separate state statutes regarding personnel within the district.