Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Hatfield, McCoy artifacts now available for public viewing

They have been in the ground for 125 years, but now you have the opportunity to see artifacts from the Hatfield and McCoy feud.

A team from the National Geographic Show "Diggers" found the never before seen items last year, and officials are now hoping people will come from around the world to see them.

"Before this all we had were legends and stories found out through the families. This is the first ever tangible evidence from the feud, so it's tremendous," said Bill Richardson, an extension professor with West Virginia University.

Bullets, a piece of the burnt cabin, and household items now sit in a display case at the Tug Valley Chamber of Commerce in Williamson, West Virginia.

Bob Scott who owns the property where the artifacts were found turned them over for public viewing on Monday.

Last year, a team from the show "Diggers" found the items where Randall McCoy's house used to sit. They had an archaeologist come in to look at the items which dated back to the late 1800s.

They hope by putting the artifacts on display it will boost tourism and the economy.

"Feud tourism has had a $20 million impact on eastern Kentucky and West Virginia, and this is going to bring even more people here to look at these artifacts," said Richardson.
The artifacts will stay at the Tug Valley Chamber of Commerce through the end of the Summer.