Monday, January 28, 2013

Leslie County mining accident kills one

The Kentucky Office of Mine Safety and Licensing is investigating the death of a Perry County man, Jerry Watts.

Watts died after a mining accident at the Begley mine site of T&T Energy.

The Leslie County coroner says Watts received blunt force trauma that ultimately killed him.

Officials say Watts took that trauma to the head when a jack slipped on a bulldozer blade liner that he was welding.

The mine site has been shut down since the accident, and some say the investigations surrounding it could keep it closed for more than a week.

The owner of T&T Energy, Tony Hamilton, says "Our deepest thoughts and prayers are with Jerry's co-workers and family. This has been devastating for all of us."

The company often contracted Watts for welding work.

He was 52 years old and leaves behind his mother, wife and teenage daughter.