Wednesday, February 27, 2013

House bill could let counties do away with constable posts

FRANKFORT, Ky. -- Kentucky is one step closer to letting voters decide if they want to amend the constitution to make constables optional. The powers and privileges of constables are guaranteed by the Kentucky Constitution. If Kentuckians approved the amendment, counties would have the option to end their constable posts.

Lawmakers have been trying for years to pass a bill that would limit the authority of constables, if not do away with them all together. State Representative Adam Koenig is sponsoring a bill that could do just that. He says constables are obsolete.

Constables are elected and have the same law enforcement powers as sheriffs, but lack the same requirements. Koenig says Kentucky is better served by trained officers.

Constables are guaranteed their power by the Kentucky Constitution. This bill would amend the constitution to let counties decide whether to keep their constables.

Kentuckians would need to ratify the amendment for it to become law.