Thursday, February 28, 2013

Plea deal leads officials to missing couple's bodies

JOHNSON COUNTY, Ky. -- Just a few days have passed since the bodies of a Johnson County couple were found buried in a shallow grave, and a person of interest in the case has struck a deal with prosecutors.

That agreement ended what police call five long months of searching.

Officials found both bodies buried behind their barn.

It seems a plea agreement is what led them there, signed by Amanda Fannin, girlfriend of the couple's son Willie Blanton and a person of interest in the disappearance.

The plea agreement shows in exchange for information about what happened to the couple Amanda Fannin cannot be charged with anything regarding the Blanton's case unless there is proof she was involved in their death.

Another part of the agreement states that, if charged with the murders, Willie Blanton will not face the death penalty.

Investigators plan to take the case to the Johnson County grand jury March 20.

Both Willie Blanton and Amanda Fannin are still behind bars on other charges.