Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Officials say one arrest sends strong message

PAINTSVILLE, Ky. -- It took nearly two months to find him, but now a Johnson County man sits behind bars on drug charges after officials tracked him down on Monday.

It is just one arrest, but it is an arrest the Johnson County Sheriff's Office hopes sends a strong message to the community.

Sheriff Dwayne Price says, Jeremy Burchett, is no stranger to his office and has been picked up on drug charges in the past.

Officials say arrests like this one play an important role in their war on drugs as it sends a strong message to drug dealers throughout the community.

Sheriff Price says they will offer help to those struggling with drugs, but have no tolerance for those who continually bring drugs into the community.

The ultimate goal, says Sheriff Price, "Rid Johnson County of this prescription drug problem."

Sheriff Price says community tips lead to this arrest.