Thursday, May 30, 2013

Education Director visits Eastern Kentucky

LETCHER COUNTY, Ky. -- Teachers, school officials and Kentucky Education Association members met in Letcher County Wednesday to host the National Education Association Executive Director, John Stocks.

Stocks is visiting the region to get a glimpse of the education system in rural Appalachia, and it took him only a few hours to fully appreciate Eastern Kentucky educators.

Stocks is taking a tour of several rural regions across the country, including Appalachia. Wednesday's stops took him through Letcher County and to Arlie Boggs Elementary School.

The school is the oldest school in Letcher County and officials say this is the exact kind of school they wanted Mr. Stocks to see.

State and school officials also discussed proposed government funding cuts, that they fear could shut down the school.

And Educators hope Stocks will help their voices be heard during times like these.

Stocks will continue his tour today in Knox County at Union College.