Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Martin County High School facing possible closure

Less than two weeks before the first day of school the Martin County School Board is considering shutting down Sheldon Clark High School because of safety concerns.

Some feel the walls could cave in anytime.

With the first day of school set for August 7, many folks in Martin County are wondering if they will even have a high school to go to.

Board members say what worries them are cracks in the walls of the school and some in the floors that they believe are getting worse because of road construction and blasting nearby.

The blasting is going on just on the other side of a mountain beside the school, and some school board members say if it continues the school is not structurally sound enough to be in.

Based on an engineering report done on the school, some board members believe it is a safety hazard at any time.

Board members say they will hold a meeting Thursday night to discuss the school's future.