Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Several Join In Lawsuit Against Road Builders

Some road construction in Martin County has residents fearing for their homes and safety.

Several homeowners have joined in a lawsuit to try to protect their property.

They've joined in a lawsuit against Ohio-based Kokosing Construction Company and Brandywine Explosives & Supply of Paris, Kentucky.

Both companies are contracted to build a road in the area, and the plaintiffs say the explosions are too big and too close for comfort.

Earlier this month, school board members chose to shutter nearby Sheldon Clark High School, citing concerns the blasting could weaken the building.

"It's just really been one thing right after another, with this debris, noise, vibration that's damaged homes and kind of disrupted peaceful life in this area," said Phillip Blair, a lawyer with Kirk Law Firm, which is representing the plaintiffs.

Weeks stretched into months and the blasting continued. Eventually folks in Hardin Bottom said they'd had enough.

More than 20 people have filed suit against the companies so far.