Thursday, September 26, 2013

Deputy Saves Pig

They say that pigs can't fly. But, on Tuesday a pig went flying across Interstate 75 near mile marker 59 in Rockcastle County.

Rockcastle County dispatchers received a call about a pig that was stranded in the median.

"I responded and found the pig there. It appeared to have a broken, left, front leg," says Deputy Sheriff, Matt Bryant, with the Rockcastle County Sheriff's Office.

Bryant cared for the pig until the Corbin rescue group, Justice for Abused Animals arrived. The group then brought Lucky to a sanctuary in Tennessee called the Pig Preserve. It is much different place than where Lucky was likely headed. "It appears that he was in a livestock sale. 
He had a sticker on him that is a common type of sticker used at livestock sales," adds Bryant.

Lucky is scheduled to have surgery on Thursday or Friday.

Bryant admits he was a pork eater but after saving lucky, he may be changing up his diet, "I might for a little while.”