Tuesday, November 26, 2013

Operation Fall Harvest

The Johnson County Sheriff's Office teamed up with Kentucky State Police hitting the streets early Monday morning going after more than two dozen people facing drug charges.

One by one deputies walked them out, handcuffs in place, a host of drug charges to answer to.

Sheriff Dwayne Price says a combined effort between his office and KSP led to indictments on 28 people--the results of a two and a half year investigation that allowed officers to make more than 80 undercover buys.

Officers say most of the people charged are accused of trafficking narcotics. Some of them are facing meth charges.

By early afternoon nearly half of the 28 were in custody.

The sheriff says they have done a hand full of these roundups this year resulting in a total of more than 70 arrests.

Those charged in Monday's roundup:

Jennifer D. Harris
Kristen A Shoptaw
Paul Daniels
David Blevins
Kendra Wells
Sara Dennison
Shyla Selvage
Billy J. Collinsworth
Donald Davis
Joshua Doderer
Ronald Lee Ward
Jeff E. Blair
Stephen T. Rose
Shawn King
James Mar LeMaster
Michael Wallace Salyers
Kenneth Stephen Lazar
Jessica Marlene Penticuff/Blair
Ralph Vanhoose
Matthew Joseph Meek
Raymond Kevin Roman
Morgan Trimble
Connie Penrod
Nancy Vanhoose
Eddie G. Adams
Larry Dooley
Orville Allen Doyle