Friday, December 6, 2013

Donations Helping Private School Keep Doors Open

A Floyd County school at the center of an investigation last year is now rebounding from an unsure future.

It is the season of giving, and at the David School in Floyd County they are seeing exactly what that means.

Former David School Director Danny Greene was the target of an investigation last year, accused of draining school funds for personal use.

For a private school that lives solely on donations, that meant they were in trouble.

Officials on the board for the school say about a year and a half ago the school was in danger of going under, and that presented an extra problem because the deed for the school says that if it ever ceases to be used as a school the board could lose it.

Then the school launched into survival mode making its needs known, and in return recently received more than $100,000 from donors.

The money is being used to fix the heat which they have been without and restock the pantry to feed its 25 students among paying for bills and other things.

It is money school officials say is giving them a sigh of relief, at least for now.