Monday, December 23, 2013

Floyd County Financial Woes

With a budget $400,000 in the red, Floyd County Judge-Executive Doc Marshall and county magistrates met Friday to make some tough decisions before the state intervenes.

Dozens of people fearing layoffs and service shutdowns showed up to the fiscal court meeting to put in their two cents to county leaders.

The county leaders went into executive session for about two hours Friday and came out with a plan of what would happen going forward. County attorney Keith Bartley presented the plans to the crowd gathered in the courtroom.

Upon hearing that county departments would have to pay for insurance and retirement, Sheriff John Blackburn and his department said, “How do we do that?” and asked why they had to pay for “the court’s mistake.” Bartley acknowledged that the county judge and magistrates understood that asking the departments to pay these bills on their own would result in layoffs.

Other steps the county plans to take include soliciting bids for insurance and workers’ compensation to see if any better deals exist, charging money for tournaments held at Allen Golf Course, leaving vacant county positions open and limiting transportation to and from Frankfort for autopsies to only those cases where the coroner has ordered an autopsy.

When the fiscal court held a special meeting Wednesday, they decided to park all county 
vehicles and shut off all county cell phones right away.

Leaders say they are trying to avoid shutting down the county completely or turning it over to the state’s control.