Thursday, December 19, 2013

Floyd County Fiscal Court Facing Possible State Takeover

The Floyd County Fiscal Court recently learned they are hundreds of thousands of dollars in debt, and state officials met with them Wednesday warning of a possible takeover.

Hundreds of thousands of dollars in debt, the Floyd County Fiscal Court's budget is like a ticking bomb.

The court learned in a heated meeting last week that they have to make up for nearly $500,000 dollars.

Representatives from the Department for Local Government were at Wednesday's meeting basically warning the Fiscal Court to figure it out by the next fiscal year or the state will take over.

But no matter where the fault lies something has to be done, including probable layoffs of county employees.

County officials decided Wednesday to park all county vehicles and shut off all county cell phones.

They voted to hold other items until the regular scheduled meeting Friday.

The end of this budget year is June 30, 2014.