Tuesday, December 31, 2013

Floyd County Sheriff Announces Department Layoffs and Cutbacks

Layoffs and cutbacks are coming to the Floyd County Sheriff's Office.

Sheriff John K. Blackburn says the cutbacks are due to mismanagement on the part of members of the Floyd County Fiscal Court.

The sheriff says the fiscal court is punishing the citizens of Floyd County by not making law enforcement a priority.

The sheriff says the Floyd County Fiscal Court cut his department's budget nearly in half.

Blackburn says the fiscal court will no longer pay for health insurance, retirement, workers compensation, or liability insurance, and is tacking on additional expenses like rent at the courthouse and McDowell annex, utilities, phone service, and the cost of county audits.

Sheriff Blackburn announced an end to evening and night dispatch services, and all law enforcement after 4 p.m.

The changes are to go into effect January 1st.