Thursday, December 19, 2013

Marlow’s Christmas Party

For more than thirty years ... Singer Marlow Tackett has been organizing a Christmas giveaway in eastern Kentucky.

The spirit of music comes alive during the holidays, and those who've spent a lifetime wielding that spirit say it’s a calling they’ve since an early age.

“I played music on everything. Everything was a guitar to me. I’d beat old barb-wired fences and get the sound and sing with them,” said Marlow Tackett, musician and founder of Marlow’s Christmas Giveaway.

Tackett is man whose life has been shaped by that love of music, one that inspired other ideas like this one.

Currently in its 35th year, this party offers more than 100,000 donated items a year for families in need, and those goods are presented in a style resembling a sprawling shopping mall. Attendance usually ranges in the thousands.

Tackett and his volunteers say more than anything else, they hope folks appreciate the power of what goes on here every year, and will hopefully be inspired by what they see.

“I want them to look with their heart and not only their eyes. I hope that some of those people watching this tonight would share this story with somebody else,” Tackett said.

It’s a simple wish, from an accomplished humanitarian who continues to get the beautiful sounds out of our world, so that we may sing with them.

The giveaway runs from early morning to late at night on December 22nd at the Virgie athletic center.