Thursday, December 19, 2013

McConnell Discusses Pikeville Listening Session on Senate floor

Senator Mitch McConnell made an appearance on the Senate floor Wednesday to discuss a recent listening session held in Pikevile about the future of coal jobs in the state.

The December 6 informal hearing took place after McConnell says the EPA refused to host a listening session in the state.

During his Senate speech Wednesday, McConnell said, "I traveled to Pikeville, Kentucky, to hear first-hand from coal miners, their families, those in the energy industry, and others about how their communities are being ravaged by the EPA's excessive, overly burdensome regulations on coal."

"The EPA did not want to listen to these folks, so I did. I held this listening session to put a human face on the suffering that is being felt in Appalachia due in large part to this administration's War on Coal. I want to share with my colleagues just a little of what I heard," said McConnell.

The EPA held listening sessions for its new regulations in New York, Boston, Seattle, Atlanta, and San Francisco.

"That is why I convened the listening session in Pikeville that resulted in the powerful testimony I've shared with my colleagues today. Since the EPA would not come to Kentucky, I've brought the voices of Kentuckians to the EPA," McConnell said.

McConnell says the EPA has the testimony he heard in Pikeville.