Friday, December 13, 2013

Operation UNITE Drug Prevention Program ‘On The Move’

Some students at Johnson Central spent Thursday learning about drug prevention outside of the classroom. The new program offered by Operation UNITE aims to educate students while also collecting data so they can focus on specific problems in each community.

UNITE officials say this program began developing about three years ago and they are thrilled it is now on the move, using two school systems in Eastern Kentucky for their pilot program.

The 'Drug Prevention On the Move' program is entirely interactive, giving students information 
about drugs and alcohol while they answer questions electronically.

Students also go through different tests and simulations like driving a go kart, but it is not your typical go kart.

With the trigger of a remote, the go kart can have delayed reaction students a crash course in impaired driving.

The program is an influence students say they need and want.

The drug prevention program is federally funded and free to the schools.

UNITE officials say they plan to bring the program to other schools after the Christmas break.