Wednesday, December 11, 2013

Payroll Tax Enrages People Who Work in Wurtland, KY

A 1.5 percent payroll tax has people who live and work in Wurtland fired up.

A meeting took place Tuesday night at the Wurtland Fire Department to discuss the tax, which is set to go into effect by January 2014.

Wurtland residents said they were not asked to be a part of any discussion -- just informed of the decision after it was made.

The principal at Wurtland Middle School said she fears she will lose her staff because of the tax.

The tax was reduced to 1 percent during Tuesday's meeting. City leaders also decided to put an additional 1 percent net profit tax on hold until the end of March.

The mayor said they are wanting to see what comes from the payroll tax and explore other options before that tax would be enacted.