Tuesday, December 3, 2013

Plans for Turning Riverfill into Entertainment Venue Underway

City officials in Pikeville say their hotels remain booked during the week but they want to get folks into their city on the weekends. Adding an outdoor entertainment venue is something they hope will help achieve this goal.

Pikeville officials say many changes have taken place their city through the years.
Much of that is due to an increase in tourism. Thanks to events like the many Hatfield and McCoy events, Muscle on Main, Hillbilly Days, and the addition of drag races.

Officials show no signs of slowing down wanting to build on the success and now discussing plans turn the riverfill into an entertainment venue.

Plans include transforming the riverbank into amphitheater style seating creating an outdoor venue right in the middle of Downtown Pikeville that will hold approximately 2,500 people.

The seating will overlook the entire riverfill lot that will become a versatile stage.

Officials say this will open up the city to host a wide variety of events, in hopes of bringing more folks into Pikeville.

The City Commission says they will now look at bids for construction and look to see if this project will be able to pay for itself, making it beneficial for both the city and its citizens.