Monday, December 2, 2013

Police Do Not Suspect Foul Play in Whitley County Animal Shelter Fire

Kentucky State Police say no foul play is suspected in a southern Kentucky animal shelter fire that killed multiple animals.

A fire engulfed the Knox-Whitley County Animal Shelter late Friday night, causing the building's roof to cave in and forcing firefighters to end their rescue effort.

The shelter is in the town of Woodbine, which is just south of Corbin.

According to the Whitley County Sheriff's Office, 911 operators received a call about the fire at around 9:45 p.m. When a detective arrived on the scene, the detective entered the structure and with help of firefighters were able to free most of the dogs housed at the facility.

But those rescue efforts ended when the building's roof collapsed.

29 of the shelter's 37 cats were killed in the fire, because they were housed in the middle of the shelter, which firefighters could not reach.

One dog, Sassy, died in the fire. Sassy lived at the shelter and was known to greet visitors.

A cause is not known. Kentucky State Police arson investigators are assisting in the search.