Friday, December 20, 2013

Police Investigating Series of Copper thefts in Wise County, Va.

Nearly 250 Verizon customers in Pound, VA have been left with no phone or internet service due recent copper thefts that occurred on 4 different occasions over the past 18 days.

Verizon officials say the public's safety is at risk - due to not having access to 911.

"These thefts needlessly put people's lives in danger and cost thousands of dollars to repair," said Marlon Gunter, Verizon's area customer operations manager for southwest Virginia

"When phone lines are cut, citizens lose an important avenue for calling 911 and other emergency services. This loss of emergency communications can also result in injury or worse due to delayed response."

Verizon says it's had nine cases of copper thefts in Wise County this year alone.

If you have any information on the copper thefts call the Wise County Sheriff's Office at 276-328-9647. If you see any thefts in progress call 911.