Thursday, December 5, 2013

State Emergency Operations Center on Alert for Winter Storm

Preparations have already started more than a day away from the arrival of wintry weather.

Kentucky Emergency Management is ready for anything that comes their way, especially with their brand new Emergency Operations Center in Frankfort. They say you shouldn't let the unseasonably warm temperatures fool you of what could come in the next couple of days.

Not one but two winter storm fronts are expected to move into Kentucky back to back, starting Thursday evening. Right now, officials at the EOC in Frankfort are basically on standby, closely monitoring the forecast. They are still at the lowest activation level right now, waiting for the storm to move in, but it is considered a heightened level one.

A standby warning was sent out Wednesday afternoon to their volunteer partners, notifying them that they could be called in to help if this winter weather does hit as strongly as they expect. Kentucky Emergency Management officials say now is the time to make sure your generators are working.