Monday, December 2, 2013

Two Indicted for Virgie Bank Robbery

One of the two men indicted in connection with a bank robbery in Virgie, Ky. last month is now in jail.

The robbery happened at the US Bank branch along Ky. 610 on November 13.

Kentucky State Police say while one of the men entered the bank, the other man waited outside on ATV.

Troopers say the man that entered the bank showed a weapon during the robbery.

Last Wednesday a Pike County, Ky. grand jury indicted Claude Isaac.35, of Hi Hat and Anthony Gillespie, 25, of Grethel, Ky. for the robbery. Both men are charged with 1st degree robbery, theft by unlawful taking, and being persistent felon offenders.

Jail records show that Kentucky State Police arrested Isaac late Wednesday night. As of this morning, Gillespie was still on the run.

Investigators have not said which man went into the bank, and which man remained outside on the ATV.

According reports, Isaac was arrested while sitting in his pickup outside a store in Bypro.

Court records indicate both men are scheduled to be arraigned on the bank robbery charge on December 13.