Monday, January 6, 2014

Road Crews Dealing with Arctic Blast

Highway Department officials spent time on Sunday preparing for what they say is a very unique and also very dangerous situation.

They are trained equipped to fight snow and ice in cold temperatures....but not like this.

Dealing with periods of rain, ice, and snow...with rapidly dropping temperatures that will dip into single digits and could fall below zero.

Salt works by itself until about 20 degrees then they add calcium chloride . That makes it effective until about 12 degrees.

Crews will plow snow, but once the snow is cleared and if temperatures remain in the teens...there will not be much they can do.

Officials say this situation will make all roads treacherous and possibly solid ice, including all main roads.

Officials say as with any other winter weather event they are asking folks to stay off the roads if possible during these next few days.

They say staying home will help you stay safe as well as creating less traffic on the roads which will help first responders, utility workers, snow plows drivers, and other emergency workers, while they are out responding to situations.

Officials also say roads could stay treachorous for a few days even after the percipitation stops because of the low temperatures.