Friday, February 28, 2014

Kentucky Speedway Owes KSP Nearly $300K

While race car drivers were burning up the track at Kentucky Speedway over the past couple of years, state troopers were keeping watch over the crowds and traffic. Now, State Police say they're just spinning their wheels trying to get paid.

"We have never had an issue of not being paid for services like this in the past," said Sgt. Michael Webb of the Kentucky State Police.

According to documents from the State Police, the total amount due for the troopers' services from races in June and September of both 2012 and 2013 is just over $299,000.

In the late summer into fall of 2013, State Police began to question Speedway officials about payment. They said the last payment they received was in 2011. According to the emails, though, Speedway officials said the checks for 2012 had been written and sent on to their headquarters for approval. Police say those payments never reached the agency.

While State Police say the lack of payment isn't keeping them from doing their jobs, it does make a big dent in their budget. They say that money could pay for 14 cruisers.