Monday, March 31, 2014

Ky. Redistricting Creates Political Stasis

Despite a contentious lawsuit and dramatic regional population shifts, Kentucky's 2013 congressional and legislative redistricting processes have resulted in political stasis.

Kentucky's congressional districts maintained a 5-1 Republican to Democratic split.

The Republican-controlled Senate was still able to reinforce Republican strongholds.

The Democrat-controlled House of Representatives likewise strengthened party centers.

Steve Voss, a political scientist at the University of Kentucky, says although the process of partisan entrenchment can often contribute to federal gridlock, Kentucky's regional concerns more often override partisan divides.

With state elections still months away, local party gains and losses remain unclear.

The new state legislative districts include fewer races in which incumbents faced each other than in previous years.

Currently, only two Democrat and two Republican incumbents are set to run against each other.