Tuesday, March 25, 2014

University of Kentucky Police Ready to Handle Friday Crowds

Big crowds, burning couches, even flipped cars. UK fans have been known for a few rowdy celebrations in the past. That's why police have already started preparing for this Friday's Sweet 16 match-up between the University of Kentucky and Louisville.

"We've been in close contact with the Lexington Fire Department as well as the Lexington Police," explained University of Kentucky Police Chief Joe Monroe. He's coordinating coverage of a campus-wide celebration, "we're going to partner with the students so they understand and we want them to have a good time and celebrate, but they have to do it responsibly."

During 2012 tournament play, students flipped cars, set furniture on fire, and threw beer bottles at crews trying to control the crowds. Police used the website IDThisPerson.com to make several arrests after the State Street mayhem. This year they're relying on increased presence and proactive plans.