Tuesday, April 15, 2014

Forest Fire Contained, State Park to Re-open today

A forest fire in the Cumberland area of Harlan County burned hundreds of acres.

Part of the fire spread to Kingdom Come State Park and officials were forced to shut it down. Officials plan to re-open the park on Tuesday.

Forest rangers say the fire is 506 acres, 200 of those burning acres are in the Kingdom Come State Park.

Forest Rangers say the fire is contained and now they are going over hot spots and monitoring the fire lines.

Monday's weather brought relief and helped contain the fire.

The flames started Friday and spread all weekend. The fire did not threaten any buildings but flames and smoke filled hiking trails and other areas of Kingdom Come State Park, so state officials closed the park.

Firefighters used areas of the park to put in fire lines to keep it from spreading more.

Officials plan to have the Kingdom Come State Park open and operating on normal schedule on Tuesday.