Tuesday, April 1, 2014

Ky. Budget Bill Goes to Governor’s Desk

The Kentucky General Assembly has approved a two-year spending plan that authorizes $20.3 billion in spending for education, Medicaid, pensions, and other state government services while cutting spending in many state agencies by 5 percent through fiscal 2016.

The budget bill passed Monday by final votes of 89-11 in the House and 37-1 in the Senate were sent to the governor and both chambers adjourned. They return April 14 for a two-day session to veto review.

Senate Appropriations and Revenue Committee Chairman Bob Leeper, an Independent from Paducah, says the final budget agreement sets Kentucky on a good stead for the future.

Democratic leaders in the House and Republican leaders in the Senate spent most of Monday in closed-door meetings finalizing the plan.

The legislation is House Bill 235.