Tuesday, April 8, 2014

Lane Closures Tonight on US 23 in Pike County

From KYTC District 12:

Tonight - Tuesday, April 8, weather permitting, the Shelby Crew will replace the delineator panels (those paddle-looking barriers) on US 23 through mile markers 26-29 at Coal Run in Pike County.

This means our men will be working in the middle of the road on the busiest highway in Eastern Kentucky. They will have on their reflective clothing, but they will be completely exposed to traffic. They will only be safe if you SLOW DOWN AND MERGE into the right lane as soon as you see the merge signs.

The inside lane (passing lane) both north- and southbound will be closed. The normal speed limit through Coal Run is 45 miles per hour, which people routinely ignore. Tonight, we need everyone to drive at MOST 45, and even slower, please!

This is a WORK ZONE. WE DO NOT WANT ANYONE TO GET HURT DURING THIS WORK! Also, remember, in most work zone crashes, it is the motorists who are killed/injured, so this plea is for your safety as well as that of our workers.

If the work is not finished in one evening, the crew will be out again on Wednesday evening, weather permitting.