Tuesday, April 15, 2014

Officials delay start of commercial air service from Pikeville to Nashville

Commercial air service was set to start in Pikeville yesterday. However, officials say they recently learned the airport does not have proper certification for the service they plan to provide.

Officials say it took them four years to get to this point and they are now faced with an issue they did not foresee, and it is now up to federal agencies.

Non-stop flights to Nashville from Pikeville scheduled to start on April 14th, but Appalachian Air is not off the ground just yet.

City officials say in a nutshell the delay is due to the airport's certification.

Under the current certification they could fly with only nine passengers, capacity for Appalachian Air is 19.

The three partners in the project; the city, airport board, and chamber of commerce say while they are not happy with the delay they remain committed to the project.

Officials say does not mean it is now an issue of if commercial air service will happen...but is now a matter of when the service will actually start.