Friday, May 30, 2014

A Recount of Votes in Magoffin County Judge Executive Race

The Magoffin County Board of Elections met to recanvass the democratic primary for Judge Executive as requested by incumbent, Charles "Doc" Hardin after he lost by 3 votes. Quickly after the totals were added up, folks learned this was not the end of this race.

The recanvass revealed no change in the outcome, showing once again a very tight race; with H.B. Arnett receiving 2,022 votes, "Doc" Hardin with 2,019 ... losing his bid for re-election by 3 votes.

However, immediately following the recanvass, Hardin filed a petition for recount through Magoffin County Circuit Court.

A recount consists of going back and counting each vote that was cast in this primary election. Opposed to just adding up precinct totals like is done in a recanvass.

A date for the recount proceedings in Magoffin Circuit Court has not been set.