Thursday, May 29, 2014

Pikeville principal spends the night on top of the school

Pushing our youth to excellence. That is the message a Pike County principal wanted to send his students. Robert Jones cut a deal with sixth graders. Meet a goal, and he would go beyond being an educator.

Last year he danced in the cafeteria. This year, Principal Jones had to top he slept on the roof of Pikeville Elementary.

Tuesday afternoon Jones got settled on the roof. On Wednesday morning, still on the roof, Principal Jones greeted his students from on top of their school

It is all because of a deal made with the more than 90 sixth graders, challenging them to read 1,200 books as a class and pass tests on them for the Accelerated Reader program.

While spending the night on the roof provided some much deserved fun at Pikeville Elementary, Jones says he also hopes it sends a message to all of his students that they will keep with them for many years.

"Well I hope that they don't remember that he is crazy....I hope they remember that he cares about them and wants them to succeed in everything that they do," says Jones.

Students say this is something they will remember and will motivate them to always strive for the top.