Thursday, June 26, 2014

BBB warns about tech support scam

Officials with the Better Business Bureau Serving Central and Eastern Kentucky are warning about recent scams involving callers pretending to be with Microsoft technical support.

Microsoft's website warns people about tech support phone scams, but BBB officials say they hear stories of scams all the time.

"We want people to understand that the person calling you out of the blue saying they are with Microsoft is not with Microsoft at all, but a con artist trying to get access to your computer and causing you all kinds of headaches," said spokeswoman Heather Clary.

Which is why BBB officials say you need to be careful when a stranger calls.

The Better Business Bureau offers help to protect yourself from these scams.

They recommend you go through your service provider directly if you believe your computer may have been exposed to a virus.

You should also install virus protection to safeguard your computer.

Finally, they advise you to not trust cold calls or give private information over the phone to someone you do not know.