Thursday, July 31, 2014

Plans underway for a new high school in Floyd County

Floyd County Schools Superintendent, Henry Webb, says the board recently approved plans for a brand new high school in the district and the new facility will allow them to be more efficient...creating improvement and more opportunities throughout the district.

The initial planning stages are underway for the new high school.

Superintendent Webb says they have been discussing the new school for years and it is now becoming a reality, "We are currently in negotiations with finalizing the property."

Property on Rt.680 that he says thanks to the hard work of the school board will be home to a world class facility ... by far the largest in the district, equipped to house 750 students.

Under the current plans, Allen Central High School and South Floyd High School would be combined into one high school. Then plans show merging McDowell and Osborne with South Floyd Middle School into the existing South Floyd facility.

Officials say the new high school will include things like 21st century technology and design throughout the building, a large media center, auditorium, and cafeteria. The 3-story building will feature 'career clusters' as the school focuses on college-career readiness. Also, all athletic facilities and fields will be on the new campus.

If everything goes as planned officials expect work at the site to begin within the next few months.

Since it is such a large project, estimated at 140,000 square feet (not including athletic facilities), officials are looking at about 28-months of groundwork and construction.

They hope to begin classes at the new school in Fall of 2017.

School officials say they plan to move their vocational school to the current Allen Central High School.